We are grateful for the wonderful team at FACE Foundation, and other generous volunteers, helping to make WagnPurrShop.org a success!

Cini Gannon-Robb
President/Co-Founder, FACE Foundation
Founder, Wag N' Purr Shop

Cini is an animal lover through and through; she has been a long supporter of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Downtown Dog Rescue, Stray Cat Alliance, Last Chance at Life, Frosted Faces, Soi Dog Foundation and various other animal organizations. Her contribution to the FACE Foundation cannot be understated, and with the addition of Wag N' Purr Shop, she is thrilled at the prospect of saving even more pets from economic euthanasia.

Stephanie (Steph) Coolidge
Executive Director – FACE Foundation

Steph is FACE's Executive Director and a long-time supporter of the organization. She served on FACE's Advisory Board for 4 years and has since joined the Board of Directors, providing insight and guidance into the strategic direction of the organization.

Aubree Hegdahl
Digital Marketing / Social Media Specialist – Wag N' Purr Shop

The stars aligned when Wag found Aubree (or visa versa). Aubree uses her many talents to spread the word about Wag on social platforms and helps guide and implement overall marketing strategy for Wag.

Cheryl Passer
Graphic Designer / Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Cheryl has both volunteered her time and provided graphic design services for the FACE Foundation since its inception. She now spends time doing design work, website maintenance and more for Wag N' Purr Shop.

Javier Uscanga
Product Photographer & Editor / Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Javier has the huge responsibility of photographing & editing all of the product donations that end up for sale on Wag N' Purr Shop's website.

Joelle Henderson
Store Operations Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Joelle helps us with inventory, shipping, product labeling and getting product descriptions and information on the website—and is always ready to pitch in when other help is needed.

Rachel Hart
Store Operations Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Rachel helps us with inventory, shipping, product labeling and getting product descriptions and information on the website.

Sherryl Lynn
Product Procurement & Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Sherryl Lynn has years of experience in the world of resale fashion and is highly knowledgable about a wide range of products and brands. She uses her skills and connections to find and facilitate product donations for our store, and helps with sorting, pricing and much more.

Marie Green
Stylist & Model Volunteer – Wag N' Purr Shop

Marie is our resident Fashionista, with a capital F! She is always at the ready to model our products, and let us know what's "on trend" and what "out."

Dana Kenney
Events, Communications & Marketing Manager – FACE Foundation

Dana is an integral part of the FACE family, overseeing small and large scale fundraising events and helping to spread the word about the important work that FACE does. She's a huge team player and we are grateful to be able to call on her for help with Wag tasks when needed.

Mar Delacruz
All-around Volunteer – FACE Foundation & Wag N' Purr Shop

Mar is a successful local real estate agent who devotes what little precious free time she has to helping both Wag and FACE Foundation in various capacities.

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